Tracy Wold

Tracy Wold Corporate Leadership

Director of Operations LA/MS

Tracy Wold offers Pafford Medical Services his 20 years of business acumen and outstanding success in pre-hospital activities, EMS certification conversions, and business reorganization/turnaround.  Tracy has a history of leading pre-hospital activities in the public, hospital based and private arenas. Tracy is recognized as a principal member of ambulance industry, charged with navigating the industry thru periods of instability with issues from CMS, DHH, FEMA, and Louisiana Legislature.  Regarded as a key contributor, savvy, and highly valuable Healthcare Executive who provides immeasurable value to the Board of Director’s and provides the highest level of ambulance care, improving employee morale, and decreasing company liability.  Tracy Wold is an employee focused and bottom-line oriented businessman with an ability to make tough decisions, a knack for hiring right professionals, and an affinity in building bridges between staff and management.

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