The Pafford Culture

Keeping it like Family!

Pafford Medical Services, Inc. presents our family-owned and operated businesses as workplaces where we insist on a family atmosphere. We certainly consider our paramedic's, EMT's, nurses or EMD's EMS acumen and their credentials because they are so crucial to delivering quality patient care. And, we still only hire EMS professionals we believe we can characterize as being "family members we like".

As Pafford companies thrive and grow, you can continue to count on us to pursue our mission to treat each other, customers and patients like family. We're a friendly, fun and welcoming group that's serious about earning trust and continually learning, serving and helping others.

Pafford Medical Services, Inc. (Aeromedical and ground ambulance services) also offer career opportunities in our administrative headquarters, our EMS billing offices, our EMS education department and for our air and ground ambulance support services.

Join us!

If you are interested in working in a supportive role for our EMS operations, please check out our open positions.

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