Onsite Contract Services

Pafford Medical Services offers round-the-clock staffing and services for pop-up or long-term, free-standing medical clinics.

Ever since Pafford Medical Services sent 25 ambulances to Louisiana to help out during Hurricanes Katrina and Rita and as of now numerous other relief deployments in Texas, California, Florida and the US Virgin Islands, the company has capitalized on its proficient experience during and after these events to benefit all types of industries. (Pafford EMS remained in New Orleans to help support that city's 9-1-1 system for the next year. In 2017 the company deployed again to assist with hurricane relief, evacuations and back-up 9-1-1 response in Texas, Florida, Georgia and the Virgin Islands and to assist with EMS services during wildfire activity in Northern California.

Pafford Medical Services offers the following free-standing medical clinic staffing and services for numerous industries' special projects.

  • Physicians/Nurses/Paramedics/EMTS
  • Multiple-day Special Event First Aid/ Clinic staffing and response
  • On-ship medical clinic staffing for nautical industries' operations
  • Industrial medical clinic staffing and campus response

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