Pafford Medical Billing Services

Let us help you secure the financial underpinning for your ambulance service's sustainability!

A growing number of private and government-operated EMS ambulance services are looking to Pafford Medical Billing Services for their ambulance billing and collections. Pafford is particularly adept at navigating through the complexities of state Medicaid and federal Medicare billing compliance requirements as well as with major health insurers and other third-party ambulance fee reimbursement sources. Pafford EMS' CEO, Jamie Pafford has championed rural EMS and ambulance services' reimbursement through her aggressive lobbying on state and federal levels as chairperson for the American Ambulance Association's Government Affairs Committee.

With Pafford Medical Services appropriately billing claims for ambulance fees reimbursements, your service will experience the following benefits:

  • Field EMS professionals’ education services regarding appropriately documenting patients' health information
  • Caring, compassionate customer service for your patients and their families after the call
  • Prompt data entry for immediate coding and claims' submissions
  • Appropriate and state and federal compliant ambulance claims coding
  • Electronic claims submissions and follow-up
  • Fully transparent reporting and processing

Learn more about how Pafford Billing Services can take care of this crucial and complex component for providing your company fully compliant and company sustainable ambulance billing services, contact Rebecca Williamson by phone (800.451.8036) or email.

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