Free COVID-19 EMS curriculum published

Daniel R. Gerard, MS, RN, NRP, developed and released the curriculum for free use by EMS organizations and agencies

Hyperoxia: Too much of a good thing

Three significant consequences of routine, excessive oxygen administration

Man dies in Ind. ambulance collision

Police say an 81-year-old man was killed after his vehicle pulled into the rig's path

Reimagining EMS and non-emergency medical transport after COVID-19

Learn how to build scalable service networks and grow your business with this Pinnacle webinar

EMS physician assistants: Are they the next paramedic practitioner?

A master’s degree PA with a bachelor's degree in EMS can easily be the paramedic practitioner of the future

Canadian paramedic releases music video about mental health

Paramedic Nicholas Hennink, who was named Canada's 2020 Paramedic of the Year, opened up about his struggle with PTSD and addiction

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