Medical Helicopter Services - Air One

Pafford AirOne is the premiere, emergency helicopter service based in Ruston, LA (AirOne Alpha), Pine Bluff, AR (AirOne Echo), and Clarksdale, MS (AirOne Delta).  AirOne’s geographic and strategic placement of rotor-wing bases allow us to rapidly respond to emergency medical or trauma scene calls within an 100-mile radius of each base and offer inter-facility transfers within a 150-mile radius of each base for patients needing specialty-care resources.  Also, located in Ruston, LA is our fixed-wing aircraft with a specialized medical configuration in order to appropriately transport patients requiring critical care. For years, patients in Northern LA, Southern Arkansas, and the Mississippi Delta have benefitted from our comprehensive offerings which include:

  • 100% of AirOne’s flight crew members are flight-specialty certified with advanced critical care credentialing
  • Highly trained and clinically competent critical care practitioners on every mission
  • Our safety profile consists of a fleet of Bell 407 Helicopters and a strategic partnership with Air Methods Corporation
  • 24/7/365 dispatching and flight following services provided by AirOne Communications Specialists housed in our Communications Center
  • Only certified Emergency Medical Dispatchers staff the Pafford Communications Center
  • Off-line and on-line medical direction is provided by board-certified, emergency medicine physicians with extensive critical care and transport experience
  • Ground or Fixed-Wing transport solutions during inclement weather using our team of highly-skilled critical care transport providers
  • Completely customized and state of the art flight deck to fit our specific missions
  • Ability to allow a family member to accompany the patient as a passenger at no extra charge
  • Adapted flight deck to allow for the utilization of night-vision goggles to enhance our night operations
Pafford AirOne/AirWing Equipment:
  • Advanced Critical Care Transport Ventilators (CareFusion - ReVel) offering both volume, pressure, and PRVC ventilatory support enabling us to develop ventilation strategies as well as lung protective strategies for the sickest of patients
  • ZOLL X Series Critical Care Cardiac Monitors enabled with cardio-hemodynamic transducing capabilities
  • Braun Bodyguard Twins Critical Care IV Pumps for precise delivery of specialized medications
  • State-of-the art advanced airway management algorithms including Rapid Sequence Intubation with direct laryngoscopy or video laryngoscopy
  • A plethora of critical care medications available on every mission
  • Life-saving blood and plasma on every flight
  • Integrated critical care equipment
  • Innovative and evidence based critical care clinical guidelines
Air-Standby Alert Program (ASAP):

With the goal of putting the patients we serve first and getting them to definitive care as quickly as possible, ask AirOne Dispatch to initiate our Air-Standby Alert Program (ASAP) and we’ll automatically do the following:

  • AirOne will launch and begin our mission toward the scene
  • We communicate with EMS ground operations via interoperable radios onboard the aircraft to determine the need for the aircraft
  • Once a need for rapid transport and skilled critical care clinicians is established, collaboration between AirOne flight crews, Ground EMS, and AirOne Dispatch continues to ensure safety operations into the established landing zone

Our unique ASAP program allows patients to receive ALS care from our outstanding EMS partners on the ground prior to the arrival of AirOne.  When the ground ambulance arrives, if air transport is not medically necessary then AirOne’s mission is disregarded at no cost to the patient or EMS agency.  We provide this program to all of our healthcare partners in our service area emphasizing that safe and competent patient care is our top priority.

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