Public safety leaders reflect on the 20th anniversary of 9/11

Podcast hosts Chris Cebollero, Marc Bashoor, Rob Lawrence and Jim Dudley address how 9/11 affected all facets of public safety

Legal matters: Chemical restraint

EMS attorneys Stephen Wirth and Douglas Wolfberg discuss the legal analysis of the charges brought against Colorado firefighter-medics in the Elijah McClain cas...

How many EMTs and paramedics were killed on 9/11?

On the 20th anniversary of the deadly attacks, I am embarrassed and apologetic that the number of EMS deaths doesn’t come to mind as quick as firefighters’ “343...

Fla. bill would assist first responders purchasing first home

The bill aims to eliminate the down payment and monthly mortgage insurance premium requirement for first responders buying their first home

Watch: How to reduce ambulance delays at the hospital

An AIMHI expert panel shares best practices for shortening wall time and discuss the legal consequences of ambulance parking

Resilience, culture and COVID

Why EMS leadership must back a culture of wellness

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