Greg Pafford

Greg Pafford Corporate Leadership

CEO LA/MS Operations

Greg Pafford serves as CEO for Pafford’s ground and air operations in Louisiana and Central Mississippi. He is also the founder of Pafford Air One, the company’s rotor wing division. At a very young age, Greg could be found hanging around in the shop, helping with washing ambulances and learning about EMS equipment. He continues his passion for EMS and is heavily involved with the advancement of Pafford companies’ quality of care rendered by all Pafford ground and air EMS professionals. Greg achieved his EMT license right out of high school and immediately went to work for the Greenville Fire Department before successfully earning his paramedic license. Thus, Greg learned the ambulance business organically.  From the family business he knows EMS vehicles and equipment. His decades of hands-on experience have made him expert in clinical operations, and he demonstrates every day his skill for leading and motivating EMS personnel.  You can always count on Greg to keep quality patient care at the forefront of each and every decision he makes. Greg headquarters in Ruston, LA.

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