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When it comes to mobile healthcare for your
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Pafford EMS is here for you.





 United States Virgin Islands
Primary: 340-725-5176

Secondary: 340-725-5177


About Pafford EMS


        Welcome to the Pafford EMS family. You can't predict when an emergency will happen, but when every seconds counts, you and your loved ones can count on the team of compassionate professionals at Pafford EMS.


        Established in 1967, our family owned and operated company has a history of providing communities with the latest, most sophisticated level of pre-hospital care on every emergency call we answer. Pafford EMS staffs advanced life support personnel. These crews go through years of educational training. They continue that training by learning the newest, most up-to-date techniques and procedures to provide our clients the very best patient care possible.
        From the moment you call Pafford EMS for assistance, medical treatment begins - even before the ambulance arrives. Pafford EMS staffs certified dispatchers 24 hours a day. Our highly-trained dispatchers will provide you step-by-step telephone instructions for CPR, emergency childbirth, choking or bleeding victims.
        When it comes to mobile healthcare for your community, the Pafford EMS family is here for you. Call or come by our stations...have your blood pressure checked, see our equipment, request information about our Wheelchair service. When seconds count...we are only a phone call away. " A Private Service in the Public Interest"



Pafford EMS is proud to serve communities in:
Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Oklahoma





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