About Pafford EMS

Let us take care of Everything!

With one call, Pafford Medical Services facilitates every component of patient transport on both sides of the horizon.

Pafford Medical Services, Inc. offers patients, medical facilities and municipal customers emergency, paramedic (ALS) level (9-1-1) and non-urgent basic, advanced and critical care life support transportation services. The company operates paramedics ground ambulance services and advanced air medical response transportation as well as special event medical standby and other relating healthcare services. The company’s approximate 890 full and part/time employees staff more than 100 ambulances, three (3) medical helicopters, and two (2) fixed-wing air ambulances to produce more than 125 thousand annual responses in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Oklahoma.

The Hope, AR and Ruston, LA communications centers serve as the hubs for Pafford Medical Services’ ground ambulance and air ambulance operations. This ZOLL powered communications center offers callers in the company’s 9-1-1 and 9-1-1 backup service areas 24/7 Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) services including giving callers lifesaving pre-arrival instruction prior to the arrival of an ambulance. Our quality assurance and improvement managers and our medical directors use EMS data gathering and analysis to effect realistic and positive change or companywide improvements for patient care, EMS efficiency and patient and employee safety. Pafford Medical Services' managers are continually updating the company’s human resources management practices. Other managers excel at maximizing third-party reimbursements for ambulance services while minimizing patients’ out-of-pocket expenses through a comprehensive billing and collections operation.

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