Paramedics Rescue Tortoise in California … and Transport to Appropriate Destination

Paramedics from Heartland Fire Rescue and American Medical Response come across a tortoise on the sidewalks of El Cajon, Calfornia, and reunites it with its own...

Temperature mistake forces Walgreens to re-vaccinate hundreds

Hundreds of undergraduates who received vaccinations against type B meningococcal disease must receive replacement inoculations

Okla. city plans to join opioid class action lawsuit

The City of Moore said the opioid crisis forced them to spend more money on firefighters, EMS providers and other addiction services than usual

First responders help couple through unexpected early birth

The emergency responders had to contend with baby Shay's umbilical cord wrapped around his neck, and after he was born he was whisked away to the hospital

Pa. township considers implementing AED ordinance

The new ordinance would require building owners to put an automated external defibrillator in high-occupancy places

Okla. EMTs educate children about life as a first responder

EMTs gathered with children grades kindergarten to fifth grade to explain what they do, teach them how to perform CPR and give an inside look at their job

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