Pa. governor signs CPR bill into law

Act 7 requires PDE to provide a curriculum to schools to teach hands-only CPR, a no-breath, compression-only technique recommended by the American Heart Associa...

Ky. county ambulance services transition ongoing

According to Owensboro Fire Department, AMR has hired 32 full-time and roughly 24 part-time employees

EMS sees motorcycle crashes increase during ROT rally

Austin-Travis County Emergency Medical Services officials had reported a total of six motorcycle accidents spread across Friday and Saturday

Fla. needle exchange program is new weapon to fight the opioid crisis

Researchers have found the Miami-Dade program has discarded 11,000 more needles than it gave out and reversed 1,304 overdoses

Wis. FDs, EMS units will cover Madison fire stations during services for firefighter Todd Mahoney

Firefighters from 19 departments across Wisconsin will staff Madison fire stations and ambulances on Sunday so Madison firefighters can attend a memorial servic...

Prosecutor: Police justified in gunfight that killed Wis. FF in crossfire

The prosecutor described a scene that quickly changed from a routine medical call to a chaotic, dangerous situation with multiple shots being fired by Houston a...

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