We’re Building on a Legacy of Care

For more than a half-century, Pafford Medical Services is a thriving, closely held, family-owned and operated EMS business. The founders James and Carol Pafford established their company, Pafford EMS in Magnolia, Arkansas in 1967. Since 2005, their children, Jamie, Greg, and John have assumed ownership and have grown the business. Growing up in the ambulance business has made leading the company second nature. As a result, our Pafford Medical Services businesses have grown and evolved to serve numerous rural communities in four states.

We have achieved a national reputation for high-quality rural EMS operations.

Our local businesses are considered valuable corporate citizens every place we do business. And, our Pafford EMS Arkansas was named “EMS Service of the Year” in 2017 by the Arkansas Ambulance Association. Our own Jamie Pafford, CEO has continually served the American Ambulance Association and is currently chairperson for the American Ambulance Association’s most influential national committee - the Government Affairs Committee where she advocates for EMS and ambulance needs in rural, frontier and urban America.

"From the start, we insisted that all our employees treat each other, customers and patients as if they were a beloved member of their family." Carol Pafford, Founder

Jamie Pafford-Gresham, President/CEO oversees all company ground ambulance activities from the company's Hope, AR headquarters. Her brothers, Greg Pafford and John Pafford, lead their companies’ ground, rotor, and fixed-wing aeromedical operations from the Ruston, LA base of operations for Louisiana and in Mississippi.

Pafford Services