Technimount secures medical equipment to stretchers, ambulances and more

Held to the highest manufacturing standards, Technimount allows the EMS industry’s most popular medical devices to be safely and easily secured to ambulances, s...

10 of the most unique ambulances in the world

You may have seen ambulances with a few modifications here and there, but these strange rigs are in a class of their own

Minneapolis officials vote to pursue ketamine investigation

Officials voted to investigate a pattern of police officers urging paramedics to sedate people with ketamine during emergency calls

Paramedic suspended for dancing at music festival on break

The unnamed paramedic was suspended for failing to take off his uniform and dancing at the Defqon 1 music festival in Sydney, Australia

NC EMS agency sends strike team to areas hit hard by Hurricane Florence

After unexpected mercy from Hurricane Florence, an ambulance strike team from northeastern North Carolina will travel to help with rescue efforts

Sci-fi thriller movie about paramedics set to be filmed

Jamie Dornan and Anthony Mackie are in talks to star in “Synchronic,” which follows two New Orleans paramedics who encounter a series of designer drug deaths

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